28 May 2011

Gil Scott-Heron

is past away yesterday, this is a real tragedy.

I know is heard as a cliché but he was my favorite musician, 1980 album with Brian Jackson was the first CD I ever buy it.

I am real shocked at the moment, never ever fresh songs from Gil.

01.April 1949 - 27. May 2011

25 May 2011

UB40 by expressyourselve....

UB40 came together in England's West Midlands in 1977, taking their name from the unemployment benefit attendence card.

This set is a crossover of almost three decade of UB40 existence, last used album is from 2003.

I find it unique that a group from such different personalities can make such great songs thru so long period, if u reconsider that, they are eight persons as a basis of group.

Who don't know Red red wine or One in ten, for me my favorite song with endless society theme apathy, or songs with more social weight like Food for thought. Or just some of love songs like I got u babe or Just another girl and I knew you.

O.K. I must say I didn't put the song I can't stop falling in love with you, from one reason this song is for me to commercial, just a movie song that was running to often on radio, it is a beautiful song but reheard for me. 

Reconsidering this, I tried to set different subjects in my choice so is a whole thematically issue considered, so that is not only compilation of greatest hits and that was it. Because the group don't deserved unrespectable treatment, as if u won't none specifically roots for reggae music. 

If u readed the introducing post to reggae row u saw that is not important if u are white black green red or yellow, what counts is clean heart.

So they are from an island too :), no serious, the guys are great. 

Reggae is a political rooted music so it's serious issues in the lyrics unfortunately, so is our world if we don't wont to change it systematecly for ever. 

So I hope u will enjoy it too, and please stay polite to each other.... 


01. Present arms
02. One in ten
03. Food for thought
04. Someone like me
05. Tyler
06. So destructive
07. Rudie
08. Everything is better now
09. I knew you
10. The way you do the things you
11. Here I am
12. I got you babe with Crissie Hyden
13. Maybe tomorrow
14. Red red wine
15. Groovin'
16. Higher ground
17. Keep on moving
18. Just another girl
19. Burden of shame  


22 May 2011


In the next days we are going back to Reggae and the Rastafarian-Movement, this is a small insight of it.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, born 17 August 1887 in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica; † 10 June 1940 in London, was an Afro-American politician and journalist, who as a radical pan-Africanists and founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was known.

In the 1920s, Garvey was credited with the prophecy of the crowning of a black king in Africa, which would bring the black liberation.

He contributed significantly to the emergence of the Rastafarian movement in his Jamaican homeland. A 1930 newspaper report, drawn up by him on the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is interpreted by supporters of the movement as a confirmation of his earlier prophecy.

The term Rastafarian comes from the maiden name of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, Ras Tafari Makonnen as fact.

The Rastafari movement is a typical expectation of salvation. Its main features are: the recognition of Haile Selassie as a living God and the Messiah returned to earth, the rejection of Western philosophy,call it as Babylon or Babylonsystem, and the fight for equal rights for black people.

Another principle is the demand for repatriation, thus returning to the African homeland of their ancestors who were brought as slaves to America. Meanwhile, the physical return to Africa in a "spiritual return" was reinterpreted, however, some Rastafarians moved to Africa and have established there own communities, such as Ethiopian Shashemene. Many Rastafari, however, accept their lives in Jamaica or other countries and strive for a "spiritual return" in the African country. A way of overcoming the cultural discontinuity, which was created by the enslavement of their ancestors, and to positively identify with their African origin.

The colors of the Rastafarian movement are red, gold (or yellow) and green, the colors of the Ethiopian national flag and the colors of the Ethiopian national flag are painted in reverse order. They have for the Rastas and symbolic meanings: red for the bloodshed and the murders of the kidnapped slaves, gold for wealth that is the slave (Sufferah, "suffering") has stolen, and green for the promised motherland Ethiopia and generally Africa that awaits the return of the deportees.

In principle, the man is understood as an individual and thus accepted the freedom of opinion. On the other hand, some groups rely on the stringent purity requirements of the Old Testament. There are also patriarchal structures, so for example, imposes the duty of women to cover their heads to care for her husband and be faithful to him - even if he himself is not.

The Rastafarians reject alcohol and tobacco from and are nourished as possible without animal products and salt (I-tal). They believe that man is fed in the beginning of creation solely of herbs and fruits. They invoked: "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the whole earth and every tree that is in the seed-bearing fruit of a tree to you it shall for serve food. "

Many of them, but not all consume together ritually cannabis (ganja), which it for meditation or for "Reasoning", the means to think or discuss with others. Based on the Book of Revelation. Hemp is also known as healing of the nation, "healing of the nations". Rastafari create value, however, that the consumption of cannabis alone, without faith, no one makes Rastafari.

Some Rastafarians wear dreadlocks and beards never hesitated to demonstrate it’s solidarity with God. The dreadlocks are also a symbol of nature and remember the mane of the Lion of Judah. They were also seen as a symbol of distinction from the Western aesthetic of the "white oppressors" and thus as a sign of resistance. Some Rastafarians have also stored the vow of the Nazarite, what the characteristic dreadlocks and long beards with the result.

Although the movement originated in the black population, there are also white Rastas. However, in the Rastafarian faith-anchored return to the motherland - general to Ethiopia or Africa - the white Rastafarians are also considered as target, since Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity. A higher-level, comprehensive institution, or church that could define, for example, beliefs are not present, Rastafarian faith, so that the conditions are not eligible for membership of the movement clearly defined, so not everyone wears the dreadlocks and marijuana smoking on automatically Rastafari.

So I hope u get a small intro to Rastafarian-Movement and their basic. 


19 May 2011

Journey with Ash Ra Tempel III by expressyourselve....

The third and last part has more weight on complete associate of classical instruments and electronica, classical as guitar, drums & bass guitar surrounded by electronic music. Some of you will have association with Pink Floyd in by one or other song, that is coming real near on some works of Pink Floyd .

I hope that my intention was successful to bring U near another kind of music or more unknown pioneers of today’s everyday music.

Here some details about the group.

Ash Ra Temple is a band from Berlin, which was founded in 1970 by Manuel Göttsching (guitar), Hartmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (drums).
In the early '70s was the next band Tangerine Dream, Agitation Free, Guru Guru, Can and others as the spearhead of the so-called Krautrock.

Very early in the band sat down next to a guitar the synthesizer (Lutz Ulbrich, since 1997 Steve Baltes). Stylistically, the band is attributed to the Berlin school, where the focus was more on the guitars than on the synthesizers.

The first album, "Ash Ra Temple" was in 1971 at the studio of producer Conny Plank recorded. Then Klaus Schulze, left the band to start his solo career.

In 2010, the band with the sound wave has been awarded with Schallwelle honorary award for lifetime achievement.

Enjoy it...

01. Interplay of Forces
02. Phantasus
03. Ain't no Time for Tears
04. Club Cannibal
05. Ice Train
06. Sausalito
07. Laughter Loving
08. Schuttle Cocks
09. Wall of Sound
10. Day Dream 


15 May 2011

Five to Midnight on Privilege Web Radio presented by Fhenso Souza & DJ Stanley

Este domingo Especial Disco Music não percam!
Produção – Fhenso & Stanley
DJ Convidado Branko (EUA)

Apresentação – Fhenso

12 May 2011

Journey with Ash Ra Tempel II by expressyourselve....

The second part of the journey thru the space with Ash Ra Tempel, I hope U find yourselves in a way in this kind of music, it is different then the modern electronica, I see it more wormer then new kind, for me is just to switch off and relax with the fluid rhythm of synthesizer, u will see in this part is just pure electronic music, like a long trip true dimensions of space.

I hope u will like it....

Enjoy it


1. Le Sourire Vole
2. Nightdust
3. Schuttle Cock
4. Jenseits
5. Silence Sauvage


11 May 2011

Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley 6. February 1945 - 11. May 1981 in loving memory, rest in peace in Nine Miles.

9 May 2011


I think is about time to make a post about this blog, because I see that lot of people are crossing the way with this blog.

I love music and not so long ago I had idea to make such blog because I made me all the time sets or mixes for my self, was lazy to copy all the time albums to a mp3-cd or stick memory and to listen them, some song u don't like from some albums, natural thing, then u select and that all stuff is just u know, lost of time and it sucks.

So I started this for some years, It was somewhere, I think four years ago, in Germany I was living there for 21 year. In the early 90-ies I was under contract at one music agency for 2,5 years, military serving came and so I didn't have time to be inside, when u loose contact it's difficult to start again. So after, I went to study and so one.

But music was always a part of my life and will stay, lot of friends was always wondering, man u have 20-30 cassettes in your car, I never listened radio, always my music from LP's, then came cd's and this stuff is real cool but one scratch and that was it, personally before came the development of this stick memories, I preferred mini-disc's from Sony, that was and it is cool thing, u remember the first 74 and 80 minutes things.

Sony had all the time great ideas "Walkman", yo, red one was first that I was sharing with my brother, we get it as a gift from our ante from Hannover, Jesus we where leader in the early 80-ies in our hometown with this thing, hehehe. Poor but lucky childhood.

Or first Hi-Fi from Fischer olalala, with Benytone LP-Player.

So with the time collection of music getting bigger and I fell in love with Jazz thru a friend from Chile, Daniel. Was '91-'92. Drinking beer Lindner Special and hearing music, evenings and evenings, it was some kind of meeting point for lot of us. Even when Daniel was not there we heared music, must announce it, he was already married, it was never disturbing, I was good friend with two brothers of his wife, them where DJ's of Latin directions.

Then came collecting by shopping, my first album on cd Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - 1980 in the year I think 1992, was fixing me to black music, so from then on I collected, in Hannover u had some shops there was special hidden offers in cd's, u just have to look it thru and find it. Nice shops and great idea. First LP was Men at Work in the early 80-ies, and first single 10CC’s Dreadlock Holliday.

In the agency we had a room full with LP's I think over 10K or 20K, incredible.

Now I try to set some of that music, because is so much on good unknown music, how can u know it if not thru sharing. Is just impossible to know, maybe u know hundred or two hundred of musicians and u have a file with their names and albums. So u can look to it or take a look into your collection.

I saw it that people don't have time more to listen music how they won't to listen it, so I leave sets for a while on player and will bring them on later in the year again.

It is pity just a signal for overload society that don't have time for them self’s any more...

Take your time be melancholically, melancholia is for me nothing else as recovering your spirit from all the outstanding influences.

You need it, don't think just do it.


P.S. and I will try to reconsider as much possible directions, so it will be every week one new set posted for download, before they are on player for some time.

8 May 2011

Do u know the group Go?

If don't, now u do.

The group Go was established by Stomu Yamashta one of best Percussionist of early 70-ies in Jazz direction, with him there was musicians like Steve Winwood, Klaus Schulze or Al Di Meola...

I would like to recommend a live album from the year 1976 a concert in Paris, beautiful one, so nice, so if u need help to found it, try with Stomu Yamashta on blogspot in Google...

So enjoy it....


5 May 2011

Journey with Ash Ra Tempel I by expressyourselve....

I would like to take u with three upcoming sets to a journey true the interstellar space, with help of almost forgotten group, pioneers of today very modern musical direction of electronic music, Ash Ra Tempel.

For some of you this will be certain journey to the youth, for most of you something new or maybe not.

The period that we are talking here is end of 60-ies and early 70-ies that was not only populated by Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze was one of genius musician that made every sound by him self, or Jean Michael Jarre that is maybe more known and popular, but not to forget is, if u don't believe, Mike Oldfield as a fantastic musician that made some of very nice synergetic albums with electronic music playing all instruments by him self and creating all sounds by himself.

Certainly here are not only electronically music natural instruments are present too special on third set, at that period was Ash Ra Tempel something new in movement of that time with their warm and smooth, not only, sound.

You must hear it more times to get familiar with this kind of music, please don't give it up after first time u will miss a lot.

So after an interlude of two songs the journey begins, let your selves flow.

So I hope we will take the journey trip together in coming time with following sets, I hope two to three of them...

Peace and love to everyone

Journey with Ash Ra Tempel part I

1. Cosmic Tango
2. Iversse de Soleil
3. Niemand lacht rückwärts
4. Ultramarine
5. Schwerer Dino
6. Lotus Parts I-IV 


3 May 2011

Projects that are in work

will be somewhere at the end of June or in first weeks of July ready.

Have to see what will be, thoughts are as announced Africa, some sets with artist from Africa, but I think it will be a bigger topic, Ethno music.

Music from Africa, some Balkan-beats, like Bregović and some brass bands, bit different ethnical music like Foltin from Balkan as well, I think I will introduce modern ethnical group Baba Zula from Turkey and some Latin music stuff.

At the moment I am preparing African session, with Fela Kuti and some more artists, so it's lot of work and interesting sets will be for sure.


There will be some private tapes from funk music, some things that I hear daily, I made three sets, their are already as stream sets 7-9 online.

Posted somewhere in June or maybe later, but you have all my sets that are ready always now under the new gadget, set play lists with URL's, ready for download and up to date with all finished sets, no matter if their are posted or not.

So I hope you will like the new projects as well, and I hope you will enjoy Journey with Ash Ra Tempel what is the comings topic for the next three weeks, and after it we will return to Reggae with three more sets.

So stay tuned and enjoy it.....



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